Verify account ownership and reduce fraud by obtaining users’ names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses.



    Get Identity

    Returns account owner information from the institution, including names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses, for all permissioned accounts associated with a link.

    Some fields may be empty, if not provided by the institution.

    Note that this endpoint does not trigger a fetch of owner information from the institution; it merely returns owner information that has already been fetched, either because prefetch was requested when the link was created, or because of an on-demand update. To force a check for new/updated owner information, you must use the /products endpoint.

    If you have requested prefetch or an on-demand update, you should check the refreshed_at date for this product in the returned response, and compare that against the previous refreshed_at date, which you can get from any previous response for this or any other account or link request. If the refreshed_at date has not increased, then updated data is not yet available.